R Acres of Terror

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Welcome victims. Its another crazy year here at “R” Acres of Terror. We have been awaiting your arrival. The hollowed woods hasn't been the same without your fear and screams... and some disappearances. Uncle Sy Cotic and his group of murderous friends have been begging for new souls to dare cross his beloved camp ground. Venture through these haunted woods with Caution.

“R” Acres History. The beautiful land this Haunted attraction sits on is rich with History. Some of that history dating back to the Revolutionary War in the late 1700’s when the British lost everything East of the Mississippi. Sadly with a land so full of history, it's even Richer in Tragedy.

Many deaths have taken place on this land. Many wars over money, greed, pride etc. Join us in this little story about some of the worst times this land has ever seen. Join us in hopes that no more names or dates are added. For this land has seemed to be a magnet for trouble.

The Last Ride:
A Motion simulated coffin ride where your buried alive....all while your friends are watching outside on the casket cam. You lie on your back in a coffin...Your placed in a hearse and taken to your final resting spot . .and Buried Alive.

Feel, Hear and Smell the experience. . . Creepy spiders and bugs, falling dirt, vibrating casket. And just when you think it's over, the door opens and you realize you've just experienced "THE LAST RIDE"

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