Fatal Fear Haunted House

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Decades ago, Lily Mortis shoved her sister Rosa down a well in a dark and forgotten corner of the family estate. When her father, James, and his nefarious partner known only as “The Doctor” dragged Rosa from the well, she was a corpse, or practically so. The Doctor was able to revive her with his unorthodox methods — those he employed to “improve” the patients at Hillside Sanatorium. But Rosa reanimated was not the same. She now roams Mortis Manor, where peals of maniacal laughter are sometimes heard by those hurrying by. She sometimes conjures twisted fairy tale children from the very same well from which she was resurrected, trying to assuage her deranged loneliness.

Mortis Manor:
Those who venture near Mortis Manor come back with stories of strange creatures and a young woman given to fits of chilling, unearthly laughter. Sometimes townsfolk disappear without explanation. Occasionally, a thrill-seeker will enter the house. Some of those have never been seen again, while others return, changed forever. Do you have what it takes to survive the curse of Mortis Manor?

Hillside Sanatorium:
When James Mortis and his odd little girls built Mortis Manor, no one knew from whence they came. It was rumored the girls’ mother had died in childbirth, but the truth was far stranger. Come visit Hillside Sanatorium. Maybe you’ll see Alice; perhaps you can help her. Or maybe The Doctor will see, and help, you.

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