Haunted Acres

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Five Attractions In One - Pick Your Poison! New England’s Most Terrifying and Exciting Haunted Attraction!

Quarter Mile Nightmare Walk:
A part of the huge, 46-acre Area 52 facility includes woods that are so dark and impenetrable that even the guards were afraid to enter. Some of the most seriously deranged residents of Area 52 escaped into those woods in hopes of escaping capture. In these woods they still roam. If you are brave enough to venture into the darkness, we suggest that you bring running shoes … because you will almost certainly spend time running for your life.

Graveyard of the Damned:
Before the government seized the land that became Area 52, a small New Hampshire hamlet existed. All that is left is an abandoned graveyard, where the Area 52 guards buried the deranged victims of the facility’s wild and failed experiments. The dead were buried in shallow graves, directly on top of existing graves. This uncomfortable arrangement created violent psychos who cannot find their peace, now roaming the cemetery seeking revenge upon any who enter. One of the frequent inhabitants is “The Human Floor”.

Maze from Hell:
The Maze from Hell is a trip to the edge of darkness, from which a few have failed to return. Enter 2500 square feet of almost total blackness, with terrifying souls lurking around every corner. With luck, you will find your way out alive!

3-D Nuclear Accident House:
The reactor that powered the Area 52 facility was the victim of sabotage. The resulting radiation leak created a mutant band of lunatics who still roam the labs and halls, terrorizing all who enter the facility. Wear the protective glasses that are supplied at the entrance to help you to see your way through the clouds of radioactive steam.

Area 52:
Area 52 is a secret government facility that houses experimental labs, the guards’ quarters, and a secret tunnel leading into the depths of the base. These claustrophobic corridors now house flesh-eating inmates who do not care for visitors and who wait out their time in the darkness.

Some locations may have last minute updates due to changing circumstances. Please visit the attraction's website and/or social media before going to double-check that they are open.
Haunted Acres Five Terrifying Attractions at New England's Most Exciting Haunt!

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