Horror Hike & Maze of Mayhem

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Horror Hike is a horror themed trail that takes visitors approximately 1/2 mile over rough terrain, through the woods, without knowing what lurks within.

Horror Hike: Trail #13 of historic Camp Angst in Lawrenceburg-Indiana has been reclaimed and we are anticipating your arrival. Along this hike through dense woods, you will encounter horrors that have been derived from the disappearance of campers in the 1960's and 70's. An old black pick-up truck has been spotted and the Groundskeeper, who has been wanted since 1978, may be roving the grounds in search of his next victim. Can you survive the Horror Hike?

Maze of Hayhem: You may eventually negotiate the twists and turns of our cage maze, but will you be able to survive the wrath of the souls lurking within. The victims of the Camp Angst's many tragedies know their way around. And will do everything within their power to prevent your exit. There is only one way out... Try to make it alive!

But, plan on staying for a while. Constructed of fencing material, our vast maze allows participants to see what is all around, but may leave you wondering just how close you are to those who are out to get you. The maze may even change as you make your way toward the exit... Or is that the entrance?

Notice: Horror Hike is a FULL SCARE haunted attraction that takes visitors on an approximately 1/2 mile hike, over uneven and rough terrain, through a wooded environment. Our Guests will be subjected to blood, guts, gore, and many other elements that are conducive to the scare theme. We cater to an audience that EXPECTS to be SCARED and INTIMIDATED. Our actors will use AGGRESSIVE tone, demeanor, and language which may not be suitable for all audiences. We make every effort to keep foul language from being excessive. A select few of our actors may touch our guests. Intentional touching will be limited to the areas of the body above the shoulders and below the knees. In some instances, our actors may use their full bodies to block the movement of guests.

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