New Orleans Nightmare Haunted House

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The world-famous 13th Floor Haunted House presents a Halloween experience like noneother, New Orleans Nightmare! With some of the most intense and widely recognized haunted attractions in the country, 13th Floor brings a new kind of fear to The Big where your nightmares come to play! Located in Jefferson, under the Huey P. Long Bridge, New Orleans Nightmare haunted house is sure to awaken your deepest fears.


Bar 13
13th Floor patrons 21+ can enjoy an on-site bar for more boos at Bar 13!

Mini Escape Games
Mini Escape Games are a fully interactive and immersive experience unlike anything you have ever done before! Race the clock: Your group enters a room and has only 5 minutes to use clues and riddles hidden throughout the room that provide the tools necessary to meet the objective. As the clock ticks down and the pressure mounts…can you stay calm, can you escape?

Museum Macabre
Residents are slowly vanishing in the quiet, eerie town they call home. Locals believe that the Curse of Museum Macabre has returned... Legend has it, those who dare to enter the abandoned museum are doomed to never again see the light of day. The people of the town thought the Curse of Museum Macabre was just a ghost story, but they are quickly realizing the curse has been restored. Enter into Museum of Macabre and test your luck, but don't say you weren't warned...

The Laughterhouse 3-D
Bloodcurdling screams are the only music that can be heard inside the Laughterhouse. Shadows of inhumane beasts dance across the canvas of the tent and sinister freaks and clowns wait inside to bring you a petrifying nightmare that only the most twisted of minds could fathom. Be warned, you might end up as the unwilling star of their show. Do you dare to join us for the greatest nightmare on earth?

Cursed: Voodoo
Baron Crow has long awaited to return to this earth. With the feral moon passing, the blood sacrifice gave rise to the spell that will finally merge his powers with everyone in the cemetery. With his powers at their fullest he plans to resurrect his long-lost love. Together they will make this world bow to their power!

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