Nightmare Grounds Haunted Attraction

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Theres a rundown abandoned funeral home that sits on a ghostly hill near gokey creek. Or at least they thought it was abandoned... The locals tend to avoid the foggy dirt road that leads to the house, But as of recent a group of daring teenagers went exploring the decrepit funeral parlor in the dead of night. They have been missing for 6 weeks now and search parties were called off.

George N Palmer was the former mortician who owned the morgue before it was eventually boarded up and shut down. George's practices and processes were seen as unethical by most, but we were the cheapest in the area. improper disposal of toxic chemicals and biohazardous material. George had a dark secret, he experimented with the dead. Diabolical concoctions merging human corpses with mechanical components, animals, and plants.

One rainy frigid night George was driving back to the mortuary after an undertaking of a deceased local, when he saw a girl stumbling down the side of the road soaked. George pulled the hearse off to side of the muddy dirt road, and picked her up. When they arrived back to the funeral home George went to start a fire after giving the girl a glass of water. as he was stoking the fire, she walked past him to look at a picture hung over the fireplace. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed her leg was completely covered in brown fur and she had deer hoofs, he gasped and stood up fast. Before he could scream she slashed his throat with her razor like claws. After the deer woman murdered George, she opened a portal unearthing George's creations and attracting all things sinister and evil to the dilapidated funeral home like an invisible whirlpool. Now the crumbling hollowed house and land surrounding prey on anyone foolish enough to come near it. They say when fall comes and the chilly October air groans through the hills killing off vegetation and crops, that is when the veil between reality and the supernatural is thinnest and the deserted creaking house is awoken. Would you dare venture out to the deer woman's dwelling and find out what happened to those helpless teenagers?

Some locations may have last minute updates due to changing circumstances. Please visit the attraction's website and/or social media before going to double-check that they are open.

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