Baldwin Asylum Haunted Attraction

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Baldwin Asylum is a journey through the aftermath of a witch’s curse. Come with us as we expand her curse from the start to the brutal end! Each season we strive to give you an experience that is more immersive and terrifying than the last. Can you survive 10,000 square feet of absolute terror?

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Latest Reviews

  • Baldwin asylum is the best thing around.Not even Chicago can compare to Baldwin asylum.

    Posted Oct 2019

  • This haunt really brought it! Have gone to this haunt for years, and they really put their hearts and soul into it. They remodeled this year. The set is AMAZING, and the makeup/costumes are top notch. Then there is the actors. The actors really give it their all, and you can tell! I walked through on opening night. I'm not easy to scare, but Baldwin Asylum left me with my hairs standing and goosebumps by time I got to the end. This is definitely a MUST see haunt!

    Posted Oct 2019

  • Baldwin Asylum is IMMACULATE! The biggest haunt we’ve been to in Illinois! They blow every other haunt in the are away by far. The smaller Haunts like Necrosis or Downs are really great, but Baldwin is in a category all by themselves! It took us about 30 minutes to go through. The actors are a step above most, close to on the level of Basement of the Dead or Massacre Haunts in the Chicago area. The production team has been hammering it out this year, it’s quite obvious as a repeat patron and avid haunter. We will definitely be back for their Christmas Haunt... second year?? Not sure, didn’t go last year, but the lady outside gave us a flyer. We’re in, no doubt. Scare Factor—- 10/10, Wait to $ ratio.. insane compared to CHI but we got the fast pass. All in all, sick House!!!

    Posted Oct 2019

  • Went through on opening night . They were obviously light on actors ......but the actors that were there brought it . This is our 3rd time visiting this haunt over the years . Honestly our group thought It started to be the same old same every year . Got excited this season when I saw that they did some much needed updates . So figured we would give them another go. Man did they not disappoint the moment you walk in the doors it felt like a new haunt . Huge new wait area and it didn’t stop there ! This haunt was almost Infamous? For using metal music blaring through out and honestly it’s cool but not my style..... well that’s gone. All new soundtracks (spooky sounds and noises) as well as the entire front half being all new ! They definitely went all out this year . We will be back later in the season to hopefully see it with some more actors ! Best room this season : foggy barrel slam room had a small kid that we couldn’t see until we were right on top of him Best actor/actors: this was kinda a tie I think the creepy laughing clown thing in the strobes made us very uncomfortable and the Dr Satan looking giant that they stuffed into a tiny room this year and made him look massive . Things we didn’t like .... the black compression bags they killed the momentum of the haunt for us and we felt it just frustrated and killed the girls scare for us at the last room.

    Posted Oct 2019

  • I went opening night as I have the last 7 years Baldwin Asylum has been open. Man oh man, they never disappoint. This year it felt like an entirely new haunt with all the changes made from last year. They really know what they’re doing when they build this, you can just smell the effort and work that went into it, and see it from the second you walk in. Best part this year, the actors, hands down.

    Posted Oct 2019

  • One of the best haunts I visited in East Central IL last season big city feel in a small town with out the big city price tag heard they did a bunch of updates via their fb page. Can’t wait to see what all is new !!!!

    Posted Sep 2019

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