Twisted Darkness

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Twisted Darkness:
The ever evolving interior of the haunt is filled with horrors untold and an entire shift of new high energy, twisted minded characters. The latest addition of machinery which has eviscerated a slew of victims by an outraged factory worker. The tire assembly machine which transports tires and and sometimes severed body parts. Never fear for there is a full medical staff in the infirmary to care for the injured and unbalanced. Or maybe they are the injured and unbalanced! You should also take heed of blood and and internal body parts in the medical treatment areas as the the demented doctors and nurses have a bit of a fetIsh. You never know what lies beneath the skin but you can ask Barry Skinner, he might know...and would love even more to just show you! As you enter the toxic storage area, notice that it has caused some very drastic side effects on the it's handlers! We look forward to hearing your screams in our horrifying halls!

Zombie Apocalypse:
Do you think you have what it takes to survive the Zombie Apocalypse? Here’s your only chance to find out! Zombie Apocalypse Kokomo will be presenting Apocalypse: Live Action Zombie Experience. Zombie Apocalypse is a live action event where you and your team will use advanced weapons to fight off zombie hordes. Apocalypse is a completely new form of entertainment. It combines a first-person shooter video game with a real-life interactive walk through. This is your chance to see if you really could survive a Zombie Apocalypse! This unique experience has never been seen before in Indiana!

You choose your team. You pick your weapons. Then, after you’re trained – the onslaught begins. You will be immersed into a dissipated manor that has been overrun by zombies! Check your corners as you travel through the desolate wasteland. Aim for the head as you pick off zombies one by one in your fight to stay alive. Your weaponry will be full weight, metal body replicas of real-world M4 Rifles. These are the same weapons that are used to train military and SWAT personnel all around the U.S. Pull the trigger for a real recoil, loud bang, and muzzle flash. These one-of-a-kind weapons will keep you alive and immerse you into your favorite action video game as you fight off zombie assailants.

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