$10,000 Exclusive Cash Award to Be Announced at 'The Great 2019 Witches Brew Tours Giveaway': Winner to be Named on Halloween Night at Bourbon Street Gala


Witches Brew Tours continues to spread the word about its $10,000 cash prize. This award is to be gifted on Halloween night at the Boot Scootin Rodeo on 522 Bourbon Street, New Orleans, during a unique and lively spill-out-into-the-street celebration. No purchase is necessary to win the prize and those interested can sign up directly via the Witches Brew Tours website. Witches Brew Tours is a best-selling vampire, ghost and haunted walking-tour provider in Louisiana, taking home multiple accolades, including a starred listing on Viator.

How to Qualify for the $10,000 Prize

Application for the grand prize is simple and easy. Witches Brew Tours asks participants to go online and follow two quick steps:

  • Enter for free by filling out the giveaway form.
  • And/or: Buy a ticket for any New Orleans walking-tour online to receive additional chances to win.
  • New Orleans Paranormal Walking Tours: Ghosts, Vampires, Hauntings and More

New Orleans is well known for its voodoo, ghosts, above-ground cemeteries, vampires and a whole host of other paranormal delights. Witches Brew Tours offers a range of walking tours that can be tailored to any horror and supernatural enthusiast's checklist. And now, featuring a series of Three-in-One and Four-in-One packages available, all of the creepy sites of New Orleans can be explored at one time.

Maximum capacity for each walking tour is 28 people per group, so it is best to book tours early. More personalized tours are available with a VIP ghost-tour option that ensures a smaller, more intimate group size of no more than 15 people. The French Quarter is often crowded at night, so the VIP tour is a great option for those who like to keep their touring crowds small.

Participants will learn about hauntings, spirits and paranormal activity documented over multiple decades in front of some of the oldest and most famous buildings in the city. To help guests unravel the truths regarding witchcraft and voodoo legends, guides will delight tour-participants with stories about specific, infamous individuals: like the world's oldest vampire and the time he spent in New Orleans during the Roaring 20s. Then, moving through the gas-lantern-lit streets of the French Quarter, tourists are offered a chance to catch a glimpse of some other famous ghosts.

Other tour features include the real story behind Kathy Bates' character from "American Horror Story: Coven," the infamous Madame Delphine LaLaurie, and her haunted home —one of New Orleans' most haunted houses. This tour also takes visitors to sites where the show was filmed.

New Orleans Folklore: Voodoo and Vampires

New Orleans and voodoo go together like beans and rice, with some legends spanning back centuries. Women like Marie Laveau helped cultivate these stories, and many of the tales began when voodoo was introduced to New Orleans: the colonial period, a time that brought slaves from Africa to America.

More not-to-be-missed tours include ones dedicated to the lore and legends behind some of the most popular blood-sucking undead: vampires. Tours include various locations in and around the famous streets of the city, with visits that help illuminate the mysteries behind the enigmatic Jacque Saint Germain and macabre Carter Brothers.

Coming Soon: Haunted Virtual Tours

Witches Brew Tours is preparing to launch an app that takes users on a self-guided virtual ghost tour of The Big Easy. The app will guide tourists to haunted locations via GPS, playing prepared videos that tell the story of each stop. The tour will be available 24 hours a day, over several days, at one low cost.

About Witches Brew Tours
Specializing in walking tours featuring ghosts, vampires, voodoo, witchcraft, Marie Laveau and the famed St. Louis Cemetery #1, the city's oldest, continuously-operating above-ground cemetery, Witches Brew Tours meanders throughout the historic French Quarter of New Orleans. Tourists can also visit Congo Square, see where Marie Laveau lived in the mid-1800s, and learn unique facts from our guides, exclusively reserved for those who take the tour. Learn more at: www.WitchesBrewTours.com.


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