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With dozen of haunts calling California home, it wasn't easy to pick such a short list of Haunted Attractions for the Must See California Haunts that gave locals heart-pounding fun during the 2016 Halloween Season. Tons of terror was delivered all season long to thrill seekers, whether they resided in Los Angeles, were looking for frightening fun in Sacramento, or thrills and chills in SoCal, the seasonal fun was endless!

With so many  scary-good attractions throughout The Golden State, it's hard to visit them all in just one Halloween Season. To make things a bit easier for when locals go searching for a Haunted Attraction to check out this year, Haunts.com has put together a list of Must See Haunted Attractions throughout California that received outstanding customer reviews and ratings in the 2016 Halloween Season. Take a look at the list below so you don't miss out on the biggest and baddest scares of the 2017 Halloween Season!

Top Pick for the 2016 Halloween Season: All Saints Lunatic Asylum - Apple Valley, CA

The All Saints Lunatic Asylum was once a state of the art mental health facility, but it lost its funding and had to shut its doors. Now, the current owner Ms. Collins has invited the public into the asylum that was left abandoned for half a century. The only thing is, this tour is like no other, as the old patients were unable to leave after it was shut down, and the doctors had no where to go. 

Visitors will be fully immersed into this fictional horror story surrounding an old asylum, do you have what it takes? All Saints Lunatic Asylum also offers an Escape Room coming in the summer of 2017 and special kid friendly days where the entire family can enjoy some toned down scares for the Halloween Season!

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While these haunts may not have snagged the #1 Spot for the 2016 Halloween Season, the race was tight, and all of our Top Haunts for 2016 are worth visiting this season if you can!

Friends of CID Haunted House - San Bernardino, CA
Friends of CID is a fundraising and support group for the Center for Individual Development and hosts a haunted attraction each year. Located in San Bernardino, the haunt offers three levels of terror: Full Scare, Half Scare and No Scare. What better way to enjoy the horror of the Halloween Season than to also be donating to a great cause?

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Intermission Productions Haunted House - Tracy, CA
Rated #1 for Top Overall Attraction on CaliforniaHauntedHouses.com in 2015, Intermission Productions Haunted House is not your average haunting experience. This theatrical show takes visitors on a horrifying walk that transports them to all new heights of anxiety. The indoor attraction gives locals in the Bay Area a unique Halloween Season adventure and is described as "an epic walk through experience that will shock your system!"

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The 17th Door Haunt Experience - Tustin, CA
A Top 10 Rated Attraction Nominee on CaliforniaHauntedHouses.com in 2015, The 17th Door Haunt Experience of Tustin features over a dozen horrifying rooms and a mini escape room for those who enjoy a fun challenge after getting their dose of Halloween scares! In 2016, The 17th Door created a storyline about Paula, a college student barely surviving her freshman year at Gluttire University. After an attempted suicide and a mental ward stay, she struggles to meet her dreams of becoming a doctor. Now, dealing with a painful and traumatic pregnancy, Paula is desperate to escape her past and nothing can prepare her for Sophomore year. Are you brave enough to walk in her shoes as she flashbacks to her past?

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Haunted Hornet - Alameda, CA
Located in Alameda, The Haunted Hornet Attraction is "A Shipload of Fear!" The story goes - the USS Hornet was decommissioned and in 1975, was modified to undergo a top secret mission to the Bermuda Triangle. After six months at sea, those aboard finally found something. Something that would wreak havoc on their ship and its instruments. The mission was cancelled and returned to Alameda Point, where the public can now access the areas of the ship that were affected!

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Nightmare on Main Street - Templeton, CA
Located inside an empty home that has been abandoned for over 100 years, Nightmare on Main Street is one of the spookiest spots in the neighborhood. Delivering tons of terror to locals for over five years, Nightmare on Main is a 501(C) 3 that was created to give back to the local community of Templeton. The attraction also offers a "No Scare Lights on Tour" during the Halloween Season for those of all ages to enjoy!

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Fallen Saints - Burbank, CA
Burbank's Fallen Saints Haunted Attractions gives visitors an immersive, theatrical experience to take on during the Halloween Season. Located in the heart of the East End, Fallen Saints is a mortuary that specializes in violent deaths. The deaths have grown more and more unusual, and the spirits have become restless, wreaking havoc across the city. Join Evelyn "Evie" Skrain, a psychic medium as she does her best to rid the mortuary of the tortured souls that reside there.

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Blackthorne Screamfest - Pico Rivera, CA
Blackthorne Screamfest featured two terrifying haunted mazes in 2016, The Mayor and Salems Witches. Those who take on The Mayor will learn about the creature that resides in the Steven's residence, along with his minions. And in the office is where the twins live, and they're rumored to be just as evil as their father. In Salems Witches, the plot surrounds the city in Massachusetts, where the 1962 Salem Witch Trials took place. Visitors will travel back in time to that year and witness some horrifying things... if they dare.

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The V Haunt - Pomona, CA
Pomona's V Haunt offers eerie rooms and dark hallways straight out of your nightmares. Rooms with different fears of yours, visitors will have to escape the butcher room, where the butcher is awaiting his next victim. If they're lucky enough to make it out, they'll come face to face with a psychotic clown who likes to wear the faces of his victims from last Halloween Season. Oh, and his favorite toy is his chainsaw!

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Frightmare Farms - Merced, CA
Located in the heart of Merced County's farmland, Frightmare Farms is where thrill seekers beg for mercy as they take on a number of intense attractions. From the Barnyard Slaughter, filled with mine shafts, cemeteries and non-stop action, to the Frightmare Express, a haunted hayrides through 10 acres of zombie-infested cornfields. Then there's the Zombie Raid, where visitors strap in and take the ride of their life, blasting zombies with paintball guns in the middle of the cornfield!

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Sinister Pointe - Fullerton, CA
Sinister Pointe is where a portal between this world and the next has been opened. While experimenting, four different dimensions were discovered within the dark, vast oblivion. Taking place throughout a haunted maze, complete with four separate realms, visitors will enter a whole new world, being forced to venture through its dark and decrepit dimensions. Thrill seekers can enjoy just one path of terror, or purchase an all night pass to experience them all!

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Ultimate Terror Scream Park - Sacramento, CA
A Top 10 Rated Attraction Nominee on CaliforniaHauntedHouses.com in 2015, this Sacramento Scream Park offers three outrageous haunted houses and live horror entertainment. Dubbed the "Best in the West" by Forbes, Ultimate Terror is for mature audiences only and surely not for the faint of heart.  Attractions include The Bath House, 7 Deadly Sins, and The Tooth Fairy, which is a total blackout event where visitors wander with just a flashlight as their source of light. The live horror entertainment takes place on Fridays and Saturdays during the Halloween Season.

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