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With dozen of haunts calling Michigan home, it's hard to pick just ten Haunted Attractions for our Top Michigan Haunts for the 2016 Halloween Season! For thrill seekers in Michigan, there's no shortage of scary-good fun, whether you're looking for big scares in Kalamazoo, thrills & chills in Pontiac, or frightening fun in Grand Rapids, the state of Michigan boasts more impressive Haunted Houses and Halloween Attractions than you'll be able to visit in just one season. To make things a bit easier, Haunts.com has put together our list of the Top 10 Haunted Attractions in Michigan for the 2016 Halloween Season, so that you know what haunts you won't want to miss out on this upcoming Halloween Season.

Top Pick for the 2016 Halloween Season: Terrorfied Forest - Pinckney, MI

For over a decade, Terrorfied Forest has been providing thrill seekers in the Ann Arbor-area with the type of terror that can only be experienced by taking a walk through the woods at night. Located over a scrawling forest of over 30 acres, Terrorfied Forest boasts a spook walk that is over a mile long, and takes about 40 minutes to complete start to finish....that is, if you make it out!

In addition to making you wonder what goes bump in the night with their Haunted Trail, Terrorfied Forest also has a carnival-themed haunted house on site, Bubble's Funhouse, which is haunted by the ghost of Bubbles, a demented clown that the carnival accidentally left behind. Are you brave enough to enter the Terrorfied Forest, and see what lies beyond the edge of the misty pinewoods?

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While these haunts may not have snagged our #1 Spot for the 2016 Halloween Season, the race was tight, and all of our Top 10 for 2016 are worth visiting this season if you can!

Erebus Haunted Attraction - Pontiac, MI
Boasting 4 full stories of terror, Erebus Haunted Attraction in Pontiac has been serving up big scares since it opened its doors back in 2000. Known nationwide as being one of the longest walk-through haunted houses, Erebus should definitely be on any haunt lover's list to check out this season.

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Scarefest Scream Park - Lenox Township, MI
Located right outside of Detroit, Scarefest Scream Park offers a plethora of big scares and big fun with 4 distinct, separate attractions on site - the Hayride of Doom Haunted Hayride, Castle of the Dead Haunted House, Carnival of the Dead Spook Walk and the Terror Maze Zone Haunted Maze. In 2016, they celebrated a decade of scary good fun with their Survive the Night Campout, a 13 hour, overnight camping experience where only the bravest made it through a night of sheer terror on the grounds of the Park.

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Niles Scream Park - Niles, MI
Each year, Niles Scream Park opens its doors to provide big scares for thrill seekers, and raise money for great community causes. In 2016, they celebrated their 20 Year Anniversary, and sticking to their motto of "We Put the Care in Scare!", they raised over $124,000 in 2016 alone. With 5 haunted attractions on site, and all sorts of extra add-on experiences, like their Ghoulish Games, Screaming Contest, and Scream Machine Haunt Control Room Takeover, Niles Scream Park is a great destination for those looking to give back to the community while enjoying a night of thrill filled fun.

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Clio Manor Haunted House - Flint, MI
Located in the heart of Flint, Clio Manor Haunted House is home to three attractions that make up two stories of frights! On site, you'll find Clio Manor, a house haunted by Lizzy, a murderous girl out for her revenge, Extreme Zombie Paint Shoot, where you can hunt the undead to your heart's delight, and Buried Alive, a terrifying, nightmarish experience that asks the question that's plagued nightmares of claustrophobics for millennia - what would it be like if you were buried while you were still alive?

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The Haunted Junction/Haunted Winery - Farmington, MI
This historic landmark features over 94,000 square feet of terror inside a building that is said to be truly haunted. Visitors can take on a unique Haunted Attraction experience all while supporting a great cause, as proceeds go toward Protecting Rare Chimney Swift Birds and the Chimney they depend on! Do you have what it takes to wander through this winery full of spirits? And not just the kind you drink! 

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Dreadlands Haunt of Davison - Davison, MI
Do you have what it takes to come face to face with the Doctor? Visitors will be immersed into a storyline where they participate via a Tandem Zip Line! Explore the multi-level labyrinth in Dr. E. Adlands' Research Lab where you just may be the next victim on his operating table. Join the Special Ops forces and fight your way through the deadly horde of those infected... but the only way out may be the Screamin' DreadLine Zip Line Carriage Ride - or it could just lead you into even greater depths of fear!

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Haunted Farm of Terror - Lenox, MI
Enjoy an array of seasonal and scary-good fun at the Haunted Farm of Terror, where thrill seekers can watch Horror flicks on a 30-foot big screen around a bonfire, test out their shooting skills in the Live Zombie Shoot, wander through the Haunted House and Corn Maze infested with creepy creatures and enjoy some delicious seasonal treats, including hot and cold apple cider and donuts, in the Road Kill Cafe.

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Woods of Darkness - South Rockwood, MI
An old spooky house has been left abandoned by a farmer and his wife, and their evil spirits are known to reside in the home. Located deep in the dark woods, visitors will be dropped off at the front door of the Haunted House, which is filled with endless hallways and rooms that are designed to terrorize all those who enter! Will the hay wagon be there at the end of your journey to take you back to safety?

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Forest of Fear - Caledonia, MI
This outdoor Haunted Attraction has been giving thrill seekers the scares they're in search of during the Halloween Season for over 10 years and features a 1/3 mile journey through creatures from your wildest nightmares. The interactive, self-guided walk brings visitors through five acres of haunted woods and swamps - do you dare come face to face with those who reside throughout?

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