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There are a number of terrifying haunts all throughout the state of New Jersey, making it no easy task to choose such a short list of Haunted Attractions for the Must See New Jersey Haunts that gave locals heart-pounding fun during the 2016 Halloween Season. Tons of terror was delivered all season long to thrill seekers, whether they resided in Hoboken, were looking for frightening fun in Trenton, or thrills and chills in Hackensack, the seasonal fun was endless!

With so many scary-good attractions throughout The Garden State, it's hard to visit them all in just one Halloween Season. To make things a bit easier for when locals go searching for a Haunted Attraction to check out this year, Haunts.com has put together a list of Must See Haunted Attractions throughout New Jersey that received outstanding customer reviews and ratings in the 2016 Halloween Season. Take a look at the list below so you don't miss out on the biggest and baddest scares of the 2017 Halloween Season!

Top Pick for the 2016 Halloween Season: Bamboo Gardens Walk of Fear - Vincentown, NJ

This mega haunt delivers tons of terror to thrill seekers in the Southampton area, and is just 20 minutes from Center City Philadelphia. For those that dare to enter, the journey begins in the House of Pain, a twisted house of horror that has been long abandoned and features several themed rooms and hallways infested with creepy creatures of all kinds.

Then comes the Asylum Take In Facility, where haunt-goers venture into a twisted maze of bamboo horror, with monsters lurking throughout. Be extra careful as you turn each corner, because you never know what or who you might find! The fun doesn't stop there either, Bamboo Gardens also offers the Black Light Forest, Blood Beach, The Black Hole, Toxic Dump, The Ruins and the Zombie Infestation Boneyard. With all that terror at one great location, it's no surprise if one doesn't make it out!

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While these haunts may not have snagged the #1 Spot for the 2016 Halloween Season, the race was tight, and all of our Top Haunts for 2016 are worth visiting this season if you can!

House of Horrors: Enter Your Nightmare - East Brunswick, NJ
This Haunted Attraction is designed, built and operated by The Middlesex County 4H Teen Council and features a nightmare theme throughout that is sure to test your fears! When you think of your absolute worst nightmares, House of Horrors brings them to life in their Enter Your Nightmare Haunted Attraction. Are you brave enough to face your fears head on? 

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BloodShed Farms Fear Fest - Columbus, NJ
At BloodShed Farms, thrill seekers can enjoy four unique Haunted Attractions, all in one great location. There's the Hellsgate Asylum, which is a mental institution dating back to the 1950s, the Trail of Terror that takes visitors through a 1/2 mile corn trail walk, Clown-o-Phobia, a walk through with tons of creatures hiding throughout, and the Last Ride Haunted Hay Ride.

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Cornfield of Terror - Egg Harbor City, NJ
Legend says that a local farmer entered his cornfield to bring in the harvest and was never seen again. All that was found of the farmer were scattered pieces of flesh and pools of blood in the dirt. Do you have what it takes to venture through the cornfield, listening to the blood curdling screams of the victim? They can be heard during October when the moon is out, so beware upon starting your adventure - as you never know who you'll find around each corner!

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Dracula's Domain - Jackson, NJ
Located next to Six Flags, Dracula's Domain takes their haunt-goers, (or shall we say their victims) through 66 haunted acres of frightening fun. Take on a number of horrifying attractions, including a Haunted Hay Ride, the Psycho Path and the Dead End Corn Maze, there's an endless amount of Halloween fun that takes place each year.

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Field of Terror Haunted House & Hay Ride - East Windsor, NJ
Field of Terror sits on 120 acres of farmland and is made up of two terrifying walk-through attractions, "The Unknown" and "Dementia", a Haunted Hayride and the Field of Terror Corn Maze. There's even a Family Friendly Flashlight Maze for those of all ages to enjoy together! With four unique attractions in one great location, and family friendly fun, Field of Terror has it all for thrill seekers to make the most out of their Halloween Season!

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Nightmare At Gravity Hill - Cicconi Farms - Jackson, NJ
Located in Jackson, where the tale of Gravity Hill takes place, this Haunted Attraction has received three awards, including Top Overall Attraction in 2012, and Top 10 Nominee in 2014 and 2015 on NewJerseyHauntedHouses.com. Nightmare At Gravity Hill brings thrill seekers on a walk of terror where they'll come up close and personal with the monsters that reside throughout. With over five acres, there's plenty of room to scare everyone and anyone! Do you have what it takes to be terrorized by creatures straight out of your very worst nightmares?

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Night of Terror - Mullica Hill, NJ
Located on Creamy Acres Farms in Mullica Hill, Night of Terror boasts six different Haunted Attractions, all in one place! Featuring two Haunted Houses, an award winning Ride of Terror Haunted Hayride, two outdoor walk-through attractions and a Haunted Corn Maze - the scary-good fun here is absolutely endless and is sure to keep any thrill seekers on their toes. There's even a Haunted Paintball Ride for those who want to test out their Zombie Shooting skills! 

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Oasis Island of Terror - Robbinsville, NJ
Oasis Island of Terror is the place to confront your deepest and darkest fears - that is, if you dare to enter! With two awards, including Top Overall Attraction in 2015 and a Top 10 Nominee in 2014 on NewJerseyHauntedHouses.com, this realistic walk-through gives haunt-goers a unique, yet terrifying experience as they make their way through a mile-long trail. Surrounded by gnarled oaks and terribly tall corn stalks, it's almost impossible to see what is ahead, or around that next corner! Are you brave enough to make it all the way through?

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Scary Rotten Farms - Brick, NJ
Scary Rotten Farms of Brick was a Top Rated Attraction Nominee in 2013, 2014 and 2015 and offers two horrifying haunted attractions at one great location. There's Sinister Sneed's Chaotic Carnival of Chaos and The Forbidden: The Inbred and Nearly Dead! Both haunts are filled with thrills and chills, and are not recommended for those 13 and younger, unless accompanied with an adult. Are you brave enough to complete them both this Halloween Season?

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Night of Horror at V&V Adventure Farm - Shamong, NJ
This family owned and operated attraction not only features frightening nighttime attractions, but daytime family friendly events as well. Those looking for a good scare can take on the Jersey Devil Haunted Walk Thru Corn Maze and the Zombie Invasion Shootout Hay Ride, which is a hayride like no other! Also offered at the V&V Adventure Farm is the Flashlight Corn Maze and Hayride, S'mores & More, along with additional daytime entertainment for families to enjoy, including a Giant Slide, Pillow Bounce, Rubber Duc Race, Hay Bale Maze and much more!

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BANE Haunted Attraction - Livingston, NJ
Do you have what it takes to test your boundaries? Bane Haunted House offers an adrenaline rush like no other, and has received four awards, including four Top 10 spots as Nominee for Top Rated Attraction on NewJerseyHauntedHouses.com in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. This interactive Haunted Attraction is located in the old Katherine Gibbs College building and has over 40,000 square feet of pure terror. Dubbed "The Scariest Haunted House in New Jersey" by The Star-Ledger, Bane gives haunt-goers an up close and personal experience they'll never forget, no matter how hard they may try! Also, new at Bane is their Escape Room - "Bane Escape."

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Brighton Asylum - The Tunnel - Passaic, NJ
Located in Passaic, Brighton Asylum presents "The Tunnel." Most asylums come complete with tunnels where the unimaginable takes place, and at Brighton Asylum, visitors (or should we say victims?) will board an old service elevator, if it decides to work properly, and venture through a tunnel that has been long forgotten. Who knows what or who could be living down there after all these years? If you manage to make it all the way out, you'll reach the Asylum and the demented patients that call it home. Do you have what it takes to journey through both attractions or will you run and hide?

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