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The Halloween Season here in Colorado is jam packed with tons of scares. From Haunted Houses and Spook Walks, to Zombie Hunts & Shootouts, Haunted Corn Mazes and Hayrides, there are endless options to choose from during the Haunting Season, no matter where in The Centennial State you reside. With an enormous amount of haunted attractions, it's not always an easy task to choose which ones you and your bravest friends will take on.

To make things a bit easier for Colorado haunt goers, Haunts.com has created a list of Must See Haunted Attractions throughout the state. These attractions have received a number of great reviews from customers who experienced the heart pounding fun for themselves, along with outstanding ratings for the 2017 Halloween Season. Check out the list below and start preparing for your 2018 haunting journey! 

Top Pick for the 2017 Halloween Season: Sinister Haunted House - Colorado Springs, CO

Located in Colorado Springs on Palmer Park Boulevard, Sinister Haunted House isn't for the faint of heart. Formerly known as Ghoul's Gulch, this haunted attraction delivered some serious scares in 2017 and have been preparing all year for another successful haunting season in 2018. Along with the haunted house, visitors can try out Zombie Tag and choose from a number of exciting and challenging escape rooms! 

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While the below haunted attractions may not have been dubbed #1 for the 2017 Halloween Season, the race was tight, and all of our Top Haunts for 2018 are worth visiting this season if you can brave them all!


HellScream Haunted Houses - Colorado Springs, CO

HellScream Haunted House is a cutting edge attraction that offers multiple haunts throughout a multi-level location. You may want to bring only your bravest friends, as this haunt has seen the likes of NBC, ABC, FOX, CBS and the Colorado Springs Gazette. 

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Asylum Haunted House - Denver, CO
Those who visit Asylum Haunted House will be forced to face their worst fears! From the creators of 13th Floor Haunted House, this haunted attraction offers in-your-face scares that aren't made for the faint of heart. Be prepared, as you never know who you'll find lurking throughout the Asylum!

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The 13th Floor - Denver, CO

At Denver's 13th Floor Haunted House, thrill seekers can take on three unique attractions including Slasher Remix, Undead: Abominations and Cursed: The Ritual. Each haunt offers thrills and chills and have one thing in common- they're sure to get your heart racing! Will you be able to handle all three? Or will you chicken out after the first?! There's only one way to find out!

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The Forest of Doom - Morrison, CO
Brave The Forest of Doom this Halloween Season and enjoy a terrifying trek through the deep, dark woods. The path changes quickly and the maze gets bigger and bigger through the end of the season. Be prepared as you're journeying through, as you'll be forced to come face to face with the mad monsters that call the forest their home!

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Scream Acres at the Fritzler Corn Maze - La Salle, CO

There's an array of Halloween fun at Scream Acres at the Fritzler Corn Maze. From Fall time activities during the day, to spooky entertainment at night, this location has something for everyone to enjoy. Visitors can brave the eerie nighttime maze, The Ghost Haunt, and Zombie Paintball Slayer - all available at one great location!

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Haunted Field of Screams - Thornton, CO
Experience three terrifying haunted attractions while visiting this Thornton haunt, including Dead Man’s Night Maze, Zombie Paintball Massacre and of course, Haunted Field of Screams. The haunted field is an interactive tour that leads from one nightmare to the next, the eerie night maze is full of thrills and chills around each twisted turn, and the paintball massacre is where you get to test out your shooting skills on the undead!

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 Aftermath Haunted House - Canon City, CO
Canon City's Aftermath Haunted House is a not-for-profit attraction that is infested with some of your very favorite horror characters! Throughout the haunt you'll come face to face with the killers we all know and love... but will you be able to handle seeing them in person instead of on your television screen? There's only one way to find out! 

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Reapers Hollow - Parker, CO

Legend says that those who enter Reapers Hollow don't even make it into the first haunted shack! Visitors will find an old, dilapidated shack in a spooky cornfield, but while on route, you must be prepared for those lurking in the corn. They're bound to jump out at the worst of times... and they can hear your footsteps getting closer and closer. Will you be able to survive? Or will you be like some of the others who chicken out?! 

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Dead Zone Scream Park - Littleton, CO
At Dead Zone Scream Park, thrill seekers can brave three zones of terror: Corn Stalkers, The Cursed Hayride, and The After Dark Corn Maze. Each attraction is unique in its own way, but one thing they all have in common is that they're sure to get your heart pounding and your blood flowing! Will you and your friends be able to handle all three horror zones? 

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Haunted Mines - Colorado Springs, CO

This not-for-profit haunt in Colorado Springs is located in the Southwest Parking Lot at the Chapel Hills Mall, where they work hard each year to give locals a good scare during the Halloween Season. Come face to face with the mad monsters that reside throughout the Mines, and find out just how brave you really are! 

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