BC London Drugs Locations to Launch First-Ever Halloween Candy Wrapper Recycling Drive in 2019


London Drugs is set to launch the first-ever Halloween candy wrapper recycling drive in British Columbia, Canada. The retailer will accept chocolate bar and candy wrappers as well as potato chip bags as part of its Other Flexible Plastic Packaging recycling program and hopes to help keep Halloween snack packaging waste out of city landfills come October of 2019.

“We want to help British Columbians celebrate Halloween with a bit less waste by making one simple suggestion: instead of throwing out your candy wrappers and chip bags, bring them to London Drugs for recycling,” says Maury McCausland, Retail Operations Sustainability Specialist London Drugs.

Customers can bring their wrapper and Other Flexible Plastic Packaging to any British Columbia London Drugs location. The items collected will be sent to Merlin Plastics, a post-consumer processing company in Delta BC, and used for research and development as the company works to develop a commercially viable process for recycling these common but tough-to-process items. Material that cannot be recycled will be used to produce engineered fuel for commercial operations such as concrete plants.

London Drugs’ Other Flexible Plastic Packaging recycling initiative is part of RecycleBC’s new take back program. These types of plastics are among the fastest-growing packaging forms on the market and are one of the largest categories of packaging particularly for confectionary and snack foods. According to Stats Canada, over $550 million worth of cookies, confectionery, and snack foods were sold across Canada last October, contributing significant amounts of packaging waste to landfills and the environment. Food wrappers are also a common source of marine litter and were among the top five items found in the Ocean Conservatory’s International Coastal Clean-up last year.

“This is really a big problem; the volume of wrapper waste is significant. That’s why we’re making a commitment to help address it – not just at Halloween but year-round,” says McCausland.

London Drugs is now accepting all sorts of items in the Other Flexible Plastic Packaging category including: stand-up and zipper lock pouches, like pouches for granola, frozen berries, etc.; crinkly wrappers and bags, like coffee bags, or cellophane; flexible packaging with plastic seal, like packaging for fresh pasta or pre-packaged deli meats; non-food protective wrap like bubble wrap or plastic envelopes; and net bags used for fruits and vegetables like onions, avocados and lemons.

“Last year, with the help of our customers and staff, our stores celebrated a 93% waste diversion rate. This program will help get us one step closer to zero waste,” says McCausland.


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