A Look at Two of the Most Famous Ghosts in American History


The season of the paranormal is upon us. Halloween is a period associated with ghosts and as such we take a look at two of the most famous ghosts in American history.

The Ghosts of the USS Constellation
The USS Constellation sits proudly at rest in Baltimore Harbor. The navy ship is 221-years-old and has seen a number of deaths in her hay day. In 1955 a ghostly apparition was photographed in the forecastle of the ship. Numerous theories have been put forward to explain what is haunting the old ship.

The Greenbrier Ghost
The back story of the Greenbrier Ghost is a rather unique one. It is the only ghost in America to successfully give a testimony that convicted her own murderer. Zona Heaster lived in West Virginia in the late 1800s. She was married to Edward Shue who murdered her. Her death was attributed to natural causes but it was overturned after her ghost freaked out her physician. This prompted her mother to ask for an autopsy that revealed that her neck had been broken by her husband.

Let us know in the comments below other famous ghosts stories you've heard of!

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