Experience Field of Screams' One-Night-Only Halfway to Halloween Event on May 4th


When it comes to terrifying thrills and spine-tingling chills, Field of Screams in Lancaster, PA, will give you more than you can handle! Not only is the acclaimed haunt gearing up for their biggest and scariest Halloween season yet, but they will be celebrating Halfway to Halloween with an exclusive, one-night-only experience on Saturday, May 4th.

The Field of Screams Attractions will be operating as normal, but with a special "Halfway to Halloween" twist. True haunt fans are going to want to experience it with a Halfway to Halloween Fright Pass, which provides access to the Den of Darkness and the Frightmare Asylum.

Den of Darkness
The Den of Darkness is a 3-story barn that was built in the early 1800's and then converted into a farmhouse. The dark and mysterious past of the Den began when the Murter family resided there. Mr. Murter tortured both vagrants and locals who approached his land, and their blood still stains the ground. Years later the residence was renovated into The Garden Hotel and ironically the horrific killings increased. The demented hotel staff conducted ghastly experiments and committed torturous murders. Many checked in, few checked out. The final chapter in the life of the Den of Darkness was as the mansion estate of Frances Henry Worth, a well-known eccentric and psychotic millionaire. Worth continued the atrocities that plagued this building since its existence, and left the Den of Darkness very much as it is now seen today.

The Den of Darkness is home to blood-thirsty creatures and nightmarish monsters. From the stench of dead bodies in the morgue to the brush of spiders in the halls, the terror is non-stop. Journey through the fright-filled hallways and narrow passageways as you experience the horror of the disturbed inhabitants determined to haunt this Den forever. Make your way carefully through the doctor's operating room or you may be his next victim. The Den of Darkness is one of the World's Scariest Attractions and the terror-filled hallways are non-stop horror!

Proven to be one of the best haunted houses in the world again and again, the Den of Darkness does not disappoint. Experience bone-chilling fear as you travel through the doll room where their delicate faces are mutilated by the deranged doll maker. Feel your pulse race as you try and escape the torture room without being seen, or you may lose a limb - or worse, your life! Feel your way through the dark hallways and hear the grating sound of the chainsaw as it cuts into flesh. The terror that the Den of Darkness leaves you with is something that cannot be forgotten.

The Den of Darkness is such a heart-pounding experience that it was featured on the Travel Channel as one of the world's scariest haunted houses. Customers flock to Field of Screams from cities all over the East Coast to experience their worst nightmares and witness the terrors that lie inside the doors of the Den of Darkness.

PAY TO GET IN.............PRAY TO GET OUT!!!

Frightmare Asylum
Home to some of the most criminally deranged and disturbed patients, the Frightmare Asylum is one of the most terrifying and frightening haunted houses in the world. The Applegate Asylum was shut down and abandoned in the 1900's after more than one hundred years of operation, but the deranged doctors, nightmarish nurses, and disturbed inmates have remained to haunt the only place they've known. They show no mercy to visitors and enjoy the chance to mutilate new bodies.

The malpractice of the doctors and nurses in the Asylum has caused the inmates to become unstable and prone to seek their revenge on all who enter the condemned building. The Doctors take sick enjoyment in slicing up patients and visitors in order to test their latest experimental treatments. The dark hallways contain the most demented and twisted people, and they provide shocking scares around every corner. Encounter your worst fears as you discover the dark secrets left behind in the Applegate Asylum. Beware of Dr. Stitch the Dentist because his sinister experiments leave even the bravest with their worst nightmares. Brave the autopsy room and cover your nose, because the stench might just kill you if the doctors don't. The jaw-dropping, hair-raising terror that you experience will be seared into your mind forever. Every step could be your last, so tread carefully. The only way to escape the ghastly patients that inhabit the Asylum is to weave your way through 4 floors of fear and to cautiously make your way past the creatures who call this place home.

The heart-pounding terror of the Frightmare Asylum is a feeling that you will never forget. Although many may enter, few will leave unchanged.

The Frightmare Asylum is one of the best haunted houses in the world because of the deranged characters and horrific scenes housed inside. Guests travel far and wide to experience the chill of the Frightmare Asylum. From all up and down the East Coast, guests from Baltimore MD, Philadelphia PA, and other East Coast Cities have come back year after year to experience the never-ending horror that accompanies their walk through the eerie hallways of the Frightmare Asylum. Featured on Travel Channel as one of the best haunted attractions in the world, the Frightmare Asylum never disappoints thrill-seeking customers who come prepared to receive the scares of their lives.

You will not want to miss this event as it may never come around again! Tickets are available now and be one of the first to experience this new Field of Screams show for yourself!


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