Halloween Legends, Neil Patrick Harris And Reese’s, Team Up To Bring The Ultimate ‘Trick’ or ‘Treat’ House This Season


Two Halloween powerhouses are joining forces this season to create a one-of-a-kind, interactive Halloween experience, It’s A LIVE – a ‘trick’ or ‘treat’ house of epic magnitude. Ringmaster and Halloween savant, Neil Patrick Harris, will supply the tricks … and the greatest Halloween candy ever – Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups will provide the treats. Perfect, right?

There are two ways to participate in this truly unique house full of scary ‘tricks’ and sweet ‘treats.’ Starting today, October 1, fans can vote to help determine what tricks and treats will go into It’s A LIVE. And then, fans can also come back on October 24 and choose exactly which path each guest experiences, in real time!

Here’s how it works. Throughout the month of October, fans following Neil Patrick Harris on Instagram and Facebook will have the opportunity to co-create both the scariest and sweetest Halloween house. Clowns or Snakes? Edible Chocolate Wallpaper or a Tub of Reese’s Peanut Butter? You pick the tricks and you pick the treats. From creation to the live experience, the power is in viewers hands as they decide what tricks and treats line the walls of It’s A LIVE. Will it be a deliciously, abundant dream land of peanut butter and chocolate or a daunting, close-your-eyes-and-get-through-it-as-fast-as-you-can experience that would make the strongest faint? The choice is yours.

Then on the night of October 24, a few lucky fans will experience the first-ever, crowd-sourced, trick or treat house, full of scary experiences that will make the toughest person crumble AND an over-the-top treat experience that puts any candy land to shame. But the best part? It’s going to be on Facebook LIVE for all of America to see; and you, the people, get to choose the fate of the 32 specially selected participants. Viewers will vote via a Facebook Live poll to dictate the path of those making their way through It’s A LIVE.

“Halloween has always been my favorite – elaborate costumes, epic decorations and the ability to scare people,” said Neil Patrick Harris. “So to have the Reese’s brand (and anyone watching live) help provide the most epic, larger-than-life Halloween experience? Well, it‘s simply terrifying – in the greatest way imaginable.”

“We are the undisputed leaders of Halloween. Last year we allowed people to trade their trick-or-treat candy for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. This year, we had to up our game and provide the most epic Reese’s Halloween treat experience to date,” said Eric Bowers, Senior Manager, Halloween for the Reese’s brand.

This one-of-a-kind, crowd-sourced, trick or treat house originated from a team of collective, scary geniuses, led by Neil Patrick Harris and the Reese’s brand, with help from Matador Content and Facebook Creative Shop.

It’s A LIVE will be broadcast via Facebook Live the evening of Thursday, October 24.

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