Nearly Half of Millennials Admit to Making Halloween Purchases for Social Media Posts, Survey Finds


When it comes to Halloween spending, 48% of millennials say they've made Halloween-related purchases to use in social media posts, according to a new survey from With Halloween rapidly approaching, CompareCards asked consumers about their spending habits for the holiday, including how much they spend on Halloween compared to other holidays, how much pressure they feel to spend and from whom that pressure comes, and how much of a role social media plays in their decision making. 

With 31% of millennials spending more money on Halloween than any other holiday, it's evident that Halloween is a millennial favorite.

Key findings: 

Social Media

  • 48% of millennials admit to purchasing Halloween items so they could include them in social media posts. 37% of Gen Z and 30% of Gen X said the same compared to just 5% of baby boomers.
  • Men are far more likely than women to say their Halloween spending was driven by social media. 37% of men said so, compared to just 21% of women. Among millennials, 50% of men said social media inspired them to make some Halloween purchases versus 43% of women.

Kids & Parents

  • Nearly half of dads (46%) say their kids have guilted them into spending on Halloween. That's more than double the percentage of moms who said the same (21%). 
  • 52% of millennial parents said their children guilt them into spending on Halloween.


  • About 4 in 10 millennials feel "a lot" of pressure to spend on Halloween. Overall, 1 in 4 consumers said the same.
  • 31% of millennials spend more on Halloween than any other holiday. That's true of 19% of consumers overall.
  • When asked about their spending, women (21%) were more likely than men (13%) to say they don't "do" Halloween. Overall, 31% of baby boomers said they "don't really do Halloween" and therefore don't expect to make any holiday purchases, compared to 9% of millennials and 12% of Gen X. 

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