Paranormal Talk Radio Gets Interesting Again with Bob Bain’s Mysterious Matters


Legendary podcast personality Bob Bain will be making his mark on talk radio as he takes the beloved program Mysterious Matters from the podcast format to a live radio format. On "Bob Bain's Mysterious Matters," the podcast legend will explore the paranormal and unexplained with expert guests and listeners nationwide. Bain will open the phone lines—and listeners' minds—to break down the barriers of perceived reality in an uncensored, unscripted forum.

Bob Bain’s Mysterious Matters will debut August 7th airing Monday-Thursday from 8:00 pm — 10:00 pm CT (6:00 — 8:00 pm PT). Bain will host the show from his home studio in Nashville, Tennessee—opening the phones lines and inviting listeners and expert guests to join his uncensored, unscripted nightly conversation about a wide variety of topics including: the paranormal, near-death experiences, quantum physics, extraterrestrial life and the unusual.

Bain also announced that he will be doing two live call in shows on October 30th and 31st, where Mysterious Matters would be renamed Creepy Matters.

As a side note Bob Bain was mentored by broadcast legends Ian Punnett, Teddy Bart. And to a lesser extent Art Bell has also mentored Bob over the years. Many listeners describe Bain’s interview style with that of Art Bell. While giving Bob credit for taking his interview skillset to the next level.


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