Scary House VR Game - Added Feature Taking Your Horror Fantasy to a New Level


Scary games have been in great demand since the earlier times. Today’s generation spend a significant amount of time searching for the scariest and frightening games, movies and places as well. This actually helps create an adrenaline pump in their body. For such people, it’s amazing to explore their favorite games in devices that are easy to carry and use like mobile phones and virtual reality handsets.

These days Virtual Reality technology has become a hot topic among gamers from different age of groups. Every gamer now wants to try virtual reality-based games that are meant to offer the real fun and entertainment. The craze for such games has actually triggered Apay Marketing to try their hands in the virtual reality world. They tried and the result is really awesome in the form of Scary House, which has already stunned many players with their outstanding gameplay and fabulous graphics.

This beautifully-designed horror game includes a number of scary incidents which will definitely leave you in shock. In order to make your victory in this game, you need to have patience and skills. It’s definitely one of the best addictive VR (Virtual Reality) horror games. Get ready to enter into a haunted house when you start playing this android game using the cardboard!

There are two keys which you will have to find out to achieve the objective of this game surrounded by an extremely scary and haunted environment. The job is not as easy as you thought of. There are various rooms, including study rooms, bedrooms, hall, kitchen and bathroom to be explored. Every room comes with unique dread, which can make you feel fear for a moment.

Go through different rooms available at ground and first floor and find out a key of the store where another key is waiting for you to unlock the treasure room, which is full of ancestral wealth! Unbox the treasure box there to spot the money you deserve for! It’ll be thrilling to see how to control on your fear.

In study room, you will see a chair coming to you along with a cat jumping at you. Hey, it’s not easy to stay even in a kitchen where a sharp knife can attack you anytime! Lots of surprises are waiting for you in the hall area where you will see a girl sitting on a wooden horse. Even you are not saved in a kid’s room where joker-turn-ghost will haunt you at any moment. In the bedroom area, the cutting hands welcome you, while on the other side, you will spot a terrifying girl combing her hair.

As you will enter the bathroom, you will notice a tab leaving blood in the sink area. Be prepared while coming out of the bathroom since this blood might come on your face! You will be regularly followed by a ceiling ghost who can kill you if you are not able to protect you timely. Apart from that, dangerous spiders, skeleton, ball and sword will also be there to make your journey more horrible than you have ever imagined. There is more to be explored when you play this cardboard game in your device.

Feel free to download this haunted home game through Google play store or Oculus VR platform! Oculus has made it quite possible to experience anything, anywhere with the help of virtual reality. Try out this horror game and enjoy the power of both your computer and the Oculus platform at your fingertips! All the best to have the unique haunted gaming experience!


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