4 Of the World’s Most Haunted Objects You Need to Stay Far Away From


If you like staying up to date about the recent events of the paranormal world, you must have heard about Post Malone. According to the news of the haunted world, Post Malone, a rapper by profession, survived three fatal events after he and a friend touched the dybbuk box, which is also known as the ‘the world’s most haunted object.’ Over the next few weeks, the rapper didn’t just almost die in a plane crash when both wheels of his jet blew out during takeoff, but also survived through a high-speed accident that wrecked his Rolls-Royce. In fact, a little later, his old house was also robbed by three men. Seems like the Grim Reaper is out to get this star, doesn’t it?

While we’re not sure whether or not the accidents were caused due to him touching the dybbuk box, the fact that some objects are haunted cannot be neglected.

Here are 4 of the world’s most haunted objects that you should steer clear of.

  1. The Dybbuk Box
    Let’s start with the basics. If you’ve been closely associated with the paranormal world or just like horror movies and reality shows, chances are that you’ve heard of this infamous box. In layman terms, the dybbuk box, also sometimes called the ‘dibbuk’ is said to be a relic that contains the soul of an evil dead person. People are warned to stay far away from the box because it supposedly calls out to people to open it so it can possess the living. According to a report, someone called Kevin Mannis bought an old box from eBay that had once belong to a Holocaust survivor. Upon opening the box, he found a range of mysterious things including a lock of blond hair. Because he didn’t know what to do with it, he gifted it to his mother on her birthday, who died of a stroke the same day.

  2. The Annabelle Doll
    We’ve all come to love Ed and Lorrain Warren since watching The Conjuring. If you don’t know this already, you’d be spooked to know that the possessed doll that’s shown in the movie actually does exist. It is one of the most popular haunted objects and has become an inspiration for movies. It is said that in 1970, a young student named Donna was gifted an old Raggedy Ann doll from her mother. The mother had found the doll at a second-hand store, and since then, the doll had lived with Donna and her roommate; Angie and Lou. Right after she was bought home, strange things began to happen in their apartment where the doll started changing positions slightly and then began to appear in completely different rooms. A few weeks later, Donna decided to consult a medium and found out that their apartment was built on a property where a young girl was found dead. It is said that the girl had latched on to the doll and when the students began to experience physical harm because of the doll, they reached out to the priest, who then consulted Ed and Lorrain Warren. After that, the couple took possession of the house and kept the doll inside a locked case which was never to be opened.

  3. Anna Baker’s Wedding Dress
    Anna Baker was the only daughter of a wealthy ironmaster called Elias Baker. Anna, her parents, and her two brothers had moved into the Baker Mansion in 1894, and this is also when her story began. She fell in love with a steelworker but could not marry him because her father was disgusted at the prospect of his daughter marrying a poor steelworker and forbade the marriage. While Anna had carefully chosen a highly extravagant gown for her wedding, she never got to wear it, and it sat in her wardrobe. Anna never got married and died an old maid. Today, the Anna Baker wedding dress is reported to sway and dance on its own like the silhouette of a young woman admiring herself in the mirror. The dress still remains in Anna’s old room at the Baker Mansion, which is now a Museum.

  4. The Hands That Resist Him
    The Hands that Resist Him painting was painted in 1972, by Bill Stoneham. The painting was later purchased by the God Father actor, John Marley but went missing for many years after his death. In the year 2000, it came up for sale on eBay, and the description said that though it was a beautiful piece of art, it freaked out their daughter because the characters in the painting would apparently fight with each other. The father had filmed the scenes, and many viewers have also reported feeling uneasy and nauseous when watching the video which is also available on YouTube.
Source: SFM/YouTube

This list of haunted items is anything but exhaustive because there are tons of other equally terrifying things that exist in the world. These objects even serve as the décor items in a few people’s homes. Do you think you have an ornamental object that’s haunted?

Let us know in the comments below if you've ever encountered a haunted object and what you experienced! 

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