Nightmares on the Rogue

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It was called Rich Gulch. That was where, in the winter of 1851-1852, gold was discovered in Oregon Territory by miners who had headed north from California. Towns began spreading near the site of the strike, and within five years Jackson County became the most prosperous settlement between San Francisco and Portland.

However, with great fortune comes inexplicable greed. Treachery, thievery, and even murder plagued this newfound community. Among the evilest was a man by the name of Wayne Lamont. Mr. Lamont was part of the first miners to discover gold in Southern Oregon, and he quickly capitalized on this discovery with the creation of the Rogue Mining Co. However, gold was not the only thing they discovered... Hidden deep in the Front Street Mine in downtown Medford, Mr. Lamont and his men found an ancient tomb surrounded by treasure. Not heading the many warnings, the miners opened the tomb and took the treasure, unleashing a darkness beyond their wildest nightmares and cursing the Front Street Mine and the miners within.

The screams of those settlers still live here – along historic main streets, in quiet ghost towns, on windy country roads, and, even now, in the glint of gold flakes that lie beneath the Rogue River. The town gold built and time forgot... until now.

The Rogue Mining Co. has reluctantly opened this mine shaft to the public and will be offering tours this October! Learn about the history of this mine and discover the terrors that live within. However, stray away from Shaft 13... as it is said that is the location of the cursed tomb that Wayne Lamont and his men discovered. Do you have what it takes to explore this underground nightmare?!

Some locations may have last minute updates due to changing circumstances. Please visit the attraction's website and/or social media before going to double-check that they are open.
Nightmares on the Rogue

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  • This was super scary! Did not know what to expect and it did not disappoint. The props and people were great. Definitely recommend going.

    Posted Oct 2023

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