Fright Farm

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Fright Farm has been an integral part of many people’s Halloween tradition for three decades, growing every year since its inception. Entering its 30th season, Fright Farm is one of Pennsylvania’s top rated professional haunted attractions. The fun begins in the Fest-Evil Midway before you enter our 5 distinct attractions: Hayride of No Return, Frightmare Mansion, Slaughter Grounds, The Clinic and The Abyss! Our state-of-the-art special effects, highly-detailed scenes, custom digital soundtracks, computerized lighting, and talented actors make Fright Farm a frightening experience unlike any other.

Opening before dusk, patrons gather in the outdoor Fest-Evil Midway to enjoy live music, haunting entertainment, concessions, seasonal vendors, games, bonfires, and classic horror movies on the monstrous video screen. Once the sun sets, visitors load up the wagon and begin their adventure through Fright Farm!

Take a ride on the blood-curdling Hayride Of No Return as it makes its way along the twisted path through the countryside of Rich Farms. Tremble in fear as the terrors that reside in the dark emerge to chase you to your doom.

Be ready to run If you want to have a chance. But care only for your own life as you’re let loose to fend for yourself. Separated from your comforts, family and friends, your instincts are your only hope in this Slaughter grounds, and as your heart pumps and cold sweat forms down your neck you expect to round the final corner to salvation. The gleaming glow of the familiar can be seen in the distance, but it is only as momentary as the last glint of hope that is now far gone.

With no time to catch their breath from the Slaughter Grounds, victims are welcomed into the Frightmare Mansion. If you dare to enter, beware of those who now inhabit the mansion. No longer is the estate run by human hands but is manipulated by the clawed, fanged, winged, and strange. The abandoned 3-story Mansion is brimming with hair-raising creatures who have declared the estate as their home. What lies within will make even the bravest trespasser scream in sheer terror!

Coerced by the large monetary payoff, You sign your bodily rights away for a new pharmaceutical trial starting at this remote clinical research facility. The untested new stimulant: FF-19. is an experimental drug. As testing begins, rapid heartbeat follows and the unexpected side-effects start to take hold as the volunteers are sent into an uncontrollable hallucinogenic violence.

Buried by silence and lies turned myth, Scientists discover the truth behind this Swamps gruesome secrets. Disturbing legends are turned to a troubled history 20 years after the event. As the thickets are pushed aside to reveal the story of this Sacred space ravaged by the unknown. Re-opening the site lead to mysterious deaths and the reason this site was rightfully lost to time. Sometimes Legends are all too real.

Some locations may have last minute updates due to changing circumstances. Please visit the attraction's website and/or social media before going to double-check that they are open.
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WVAQ Fright Farm Scare School Makeover 2013

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