The Kill On Old Mill

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Things just haven’t been quite right here since the elderly, slightly deranged, pumpkin farmer disappeared. We reckon he shouldn’t have planted his crops so close to the old, run down cemetery. Over the past year the mayhem has spread and claimed even more victims. Will you be next...........

More graves have been dug and the cemetery keeps growing. One day, a strange scarecrow appeared in the dark of night. But is it a scarecrow? Could it be the remains of the old pumpkin farmer, or is it someone’s sick joke erecting a scarecrow resembling decaying human remains? Whatever it is, it’s not working.

Birds...the birds began showing up. It started with just a few, but now the flock is growing by the day (and night). They seem to be congregating with some kind of dark purpose and their endless squawks seem to be summoning even more. Or maybe the bizarre events are being caused by the strange ceremonies performed at night around the old, crumbling mausoleum. So be sure to pay us a visit and see if you can help us try and control the chaos at Old Mill Cemetery. Be wary when you stop by, as you never know what might pop up.

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The Kill on Old Mill --- Lake Zurich, IL

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