Noble Scaregrounds

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The main attraction!

Come brave soul and enjoy the newly expanded, self-guided walk through the shrouded forest and darkened paths of Noble Scaregrounds' Sweet Nightmares. Beware, for terror lurks around every corner. Festering evil watches, waits, and will come at you from every angle. The creatures, monsters, and madmen of Noble Scaregrounds have been locked away for almost a year now. We wait to frighten, to terrify, to horrify and are hungry to FEAST UPON YOUR FEARS!!!

Speaking of "Feasting", should you survive Sweet Nightmares, and find your stomach growling or your throat dry from all the screaming, stop by The Gut Hut for a tasty treat and a hot or cold beverage. Then check out the other things Noble Scaregrounds has on site to entertain and amuse.

The Gut Hut - Come fill your belly and quench your thirst. Try the signature Gut Bomb Special.

Axe Throwing - Embrace your inner Viking and come destroy helpless lumber with our varied thrown weapons!

Spellbound Souvenirs - Noble Scaregrounds' own swag and gift shop, Find a one-of-a kind treasure and take a piece of Noble Scaregrounds home with you.

Joining us for 2023!!!
Space Bunny Tarot and Confoundaries – New this year, Space Bunny offers Tarot readings and a plethora of handmade products from candles and resin artwork, to soap and other beauty and bath care products.

And as always, we are proud a grateful to have on site every night, the men and women of Cedar Country Volunteer Fire Department - Find the boot at Spellbound souvenirs and drop a donation for some of the bravest folks in the county!


A unique and interactive experience that you won’t find at any other haunt in Oklahoma! Join Professor Blackwood in an attempt to contact spirits to uncover past mysteries, divine the truth of events lost to history, and connect you with the darker aspects of human nature. Come join the Professor, lend your energy, be at the table as the veil of the beyond is lifted, if you dare…


The Seance is a limited run for 2023, only available the first three weekends and Seating is limited, so get your tickets for the early.

Some locations may have last minute updates due to changing circumstances. Please visit the attraction's website and/or social media before going to double-check that they are open.
Getting the trail ready

Latest Reviews

  • Almost a mile long. Great jump scares. Great actors. The only reason it’s not a 5…would like to see more! Great price!!

    Posted Oct 2022

  • Fantastic atmosphere, You can hear people screaming before you even enter that trail!

    Posted Oct 2022

  • Amazing fun! New minster around every corner.

    Posted Oct 2021

  • We had a great time and will return.

    Posted Oct 2021

  • I love this place! The trail seems to go on forever and there's lots of cool touches like a crazy spider area.I like the axe throwing. I haven't done the séance yet but I want to. Really reccomend!

    Posted Oct 2021

  • Awesome place! Well worth it!!

    Posted Oct 2019

  • great entertainment!!! we laughed, enjoyed the scenery and screamed so much it hurt... great actors :)

    Posted Oct 2019

  • Wonderful place, come get you scare on.

    Posted Oct 2019

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