Hatch and Kraven's Slaughterhouse

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There is nothing that frightens us more than the things the human mind can do when given no way out. In the 1930's, a time of famine and despair left two young brothers fighting to stay alive.

In the small town of Sherman, Texas lived Hatch and Kraven Modair, the butcher brothers, born and raised in a slaughterhouse where their father taught them the art of the blades. Kraven at the age of 21 and Hatch at 16, they were in the prime of their lives until every thing came undone around them. Their father got the plague and shortly after he died. Once the depression finally reached the little town of Sherman the meat business went down hill fast. The cattle stopped coming through and they started running out of meat.

Kraven, being the big brother knew that he would have to do what ever it took to keep his family alive. As Kraven tried to find a way to keep the business open, Hatch was at home with his sick mother, trying to help her. As Kraven's uncles where burning the rotten flesh and bones that are left over, a man came into the shop asking Kraven if they had any meat left and when Kraven told him they where out. The man freaked out and hit Kraven in the face and in his rage from getting hit, Kraven struck the man in the head with a meat cleaver. As Kraven watched him bleed to death, his uncles hearing the fight came to help, but by time they got to the front room the man was dead. Not knowing what else to do, they did their Job. They cut and diced his body to pieces and put the meat in the freezer, Kraven realized This was the answer and a new source of meat was in their possession.

His uncles, Jed and Cane already being cruel at heart knew what there nephew was thinking and without words they looked at each other and agreed this would be there future. Now kraven was very good at making things go his way and he knew if they started chopping up the town they would get caught. So kraven told his uncles to only go after travelers and people no one would miss. The slaughter house was thriving once again and the meat had never been sweeter. Hatch after losing his mother to the plague decided to join his family and follow his brother know matter what. When they started to run out of travelers, Kraven began to worry until Hatch looked at him and said “don't worry brother the carnival is in town.”

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Hatch and Kravens 2017

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