Electronic Shooting Galleries LLC

Austin, TX
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We’re the world’s oldest and premier electronic shooting gallery manufacturers, offering state-of-the-art galleries equipped with the latest technology since. Since 1979 our gallery installations have entertained children of all ages in Mexico, Europe, The Far East, Australia, The Middle East and 17 of the United States. Every electronic shooting gallery is a custom design, tailored to your needs and wants. You can choose from different themed attractions, like an old west shooting gallery.

You choose which ones to include, or think up new ones for us to create! Some examples include:

All kind of characters like; cowboys, pirates, zombies
A flying bird that will fly over your customers
Dancing animals.
Fires turning on and off.
Animations squirting water back at shooters.
Objects spinning, flying, or being knocked over.
Talking skeletons/zombies (have them say whatever you want).
Each hit creates its own unique sound which you can change at any time!

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