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Illinois is home to a number of haunts, so many that it wasn't an easy task to choose such a short list of Haunted Attractions for the Must See Illinois Haunts that gave locals tons of terror during the 2018 Halloween Season. Thrill seekers enjoyed the Halloween entertainment all season long, whether they resided in Chicago, were looking for frightening fun in or nearby to Springfield, or wanted some thrills and chills in Des Plaines, the seasonal fun was endless!

With so many  scary-good attractions throughout The Prairie State, it's hard to visit them all in just one Halloween Season. To make things a bit easier for when locals go searching for a Haunted Attraction to check out this year, Haunts.com has put together a list of Must See Haunted Attractions throughout Illinois that received outstanding customer reviews and ratings in the 2018 Halloween Season. Take a look at the list below so you don't miss out on the biggest and baddest scares of the 2019 Halloween Season!

Top Pick for the 2018 Halloween Season: Torment at Twelve Hundred - Orion, IL

This theatrical Haunted Attraction was dubbed one of the Top 10 Haunts in Illinois and was a Silver Winner in The 24th Annual Telly Awards. An attraction that exceeds the boundaries of fear, Torment at Twelve Hundred  sends visitors on a path through dark winding tunnels, outdoor wooded trails and themed buildings that are sure to get your heart pounding as you do your best to brave the torment that is in store!

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While these haunts may not have snagged the #1 Spot for the 2016 Halloween Season, the race was tight, and all of our Top Haunts for 2018 are worth visiting this season if you can!

Undead Acres - Monee, IL
Located in Monee, Undead Acres gives locals a unique Halloween Season experience. Combining a terrifying walk with some zombie shootouts sounds like a scary-good way to celebrate the season. Visitors can take on the Haunted Terror Trail, where they'll journey through the Haunted Nursery with the Demented grounds keepers. The Paintball Shooting Gallery gets visitors prepared for the Zombie Paintball, where you'll test out your shooting skills - that is, if you can survive! Then there's the Corn Cannons, where you can fire a whole ear of corn over 100 feet!

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Necrosis Haunted House - Rantoul, IL
Located off Route 45 in Rantoul, Necrosis Haunted House immerses visitors into a nightmare realm that is consumed by darkness and pure evil. The line between the living and the dead is rotting away and thrill seekers will be forced to witness it. Do you have what it takes to step into the world of the wicked? Find out this Halloween Season!

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13th Floor Haunted House Chicago - Melrose Park, IL 

In most buildings, the 13th floor doesn't exist, but at 13th Floor Haunted House of Chicago, it's horrifyingly real. Those brave enough to enter the 13th Floor will take on two unique attractions, including The Possession and Dead End District: The Cell. Each attraction has been designed to put your worst fears to the test and will have your heart racing until the very end!

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House of Torment - Morton Grove, IL
Named one of the Top 13 Scariest Haunted Houses in the U.S. by the Discovery Channel, House of Torment in Morton Grove is not for the faint of heart. This psychological thriller is like stepping inside an actual horror movie, and you've become the victims who may or may not make it out alive. Featuring iconic characters, detailed themes and intense environments, this Haunted Attraction is sure to torment all those who are brave enough to step inside. Attractions include Nightmare High, where Morton Grove's local high school has been overrun by a horde of zombie teens and The Frenzy, an abandoned 17th Century school infested with condemned souls. 

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R Acres of Terror - Dow, IL
The creatures that reside at R Acres of Terror have been waiting all year for the new souls to visit. The hollowed woods just haven't been the same since last Spooky Season and Uncle Sy Cotic and his group of murderous friends are patiently waiting for their next visitors. Will you make it out alive or will you fall victim to these evil monsters? The attraction also features "The Last Ride," a motion simulated coffin ride where you're buried alive! Don't miss out on the terror that awaits!

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Legendary Dungeon of Doom - Zion, IL
Delivering scares to Zion since 1997, Legendary Dungeon of Doom is located in the old Briquette Factory and takes scares to all new heights. Filled with a Killer Crew that delivers tons of terror year after year, thrill seekers should expect their nightmares to become a reality as this haunt features multiple "dungeons". They include Buried Dead or Alive, Doom's Underworld, 5 Way Gateway Portals, Hades Boiler Room, Mercy General Asylum Delirium, The Shower Room, The Embalment Room, The Human Grinder Room, Cabin of Carnage, Slaughter House Mania, Clown Crazy 8'S, Tool Coop, The Attic, The Asylum Expansion, The Laundry, Cavern's Exit, Dare to Scare and Victorian Portraits to Nowhere. That sounds like a whole lot of terror jam packed into one great location!

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Basement of the Dead Haunted House - Aurora, IL
Located in the Chicago suburb of Aurora, legend says that the Basement is home to Shattered, the smashing clown, who took refuge there in the old Walker Laundry building. Sewer lines and tunnels were located under West New York Street and were well known to maintenance engineer Imus Kilya and his Al who worked as his assistant at the laundry company. A boiler explosion scaled both Al and Imus, and they never returned to work again. Ever since, people from the company started to vanish and body parts were found in the river near the drainage pipes. Al and Imus may have been to blame, as they wanted revenge after the explosion, but they were never found. Do you have what it takes to come face to face with Shattered the Clown, and the rest of the creatures that lurk throughout the Basement?

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Statesville Haunted Prison - Lockport, IL
Located in Lockport, Statesville Haunted Prison is where the guards have fled, and prisoners have rioted, taking over the maximum security prison. Visitors will be "processed" and then forced to venture through 23 security cells, coming face to face with over 100 criminals that were too evil to die. After journeying through the prison's walls, thrill seekers descend into the burial pit of City of the Dead. Made up of caves and mine shafts, you'll meet the Gatekeeper who has risen from the dead and the zombies that are on the march!

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HellsGate Haunted House - Lockport, IL
HellsGate Haunted House is a multi-level mansion that is located deep in the woods. Featuring secret passages, giant slides ghastly secrets, undead abominations, really nervous groundskeepers and a darkness that the gate can no longer contain! The attraction is presented by Legacy Events and it's surely something you don't want to miss out on this year!

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Hoppers Haunted House - Rockford, IL
At Hoppers Haunted House in Rockford, your worst fears become a terrifying reality and it's a world where life and death are meaningless. If you're afraid of the dark, or clowns, this attraction is going to make your hair stand up! Visitors will meet the bloodiest butcher in town and wander the mortuary room and graveyard where the woodsmen are hiding!


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Realm of Terror - Round Lake Beach, IL
Located in Round Lake Beach, Realm of Terror is an immersive haunted attraction that was created by professional filmmakers, set and sound designers, and a ton of other wicked people! Do you have what it takes to witness what takes places once you've entered the Realm of Terror? There's only one way to find out!

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The Haunting at Horse Creek - Blueford, IL
Upon arriving at The Haunting at Horse Creek, thrill seekers enjoy a light-hearted hayride into the woods. Things seem fine until the wagon comes to a stop and the guide begins telling an eerie ghost story that was inspired by area lore. Once the tale is over, visitors are divided into groups and are given just one light to use as they embark on a terrifying journey through Horse Creek. Be prepared as you make your way through, because you never know who you'll come face to face with along the way!

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