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New York is home to so many Haunted Attractions, which didn't make it an easy task to decide which would be listed on our Top New York Haunts for the 2018 Halloween Season! For thrill seekers in New York, there's no shortage of scary-good fun, whether you're looking for big scares in New York City and its boroughs, thrills & chills up in Albany, or frightening fun on Long Island, the state of New York boasts more impressive Haunted Houses and Halloween Attractions than you'll be able to visit in just one season. To make things a bit easier, Haunts.com has put together our list of the Top Haunted Attractions in New York for the 2018 Halloween Season, so that you know what haunts you won't want to miss out on this upcoming Halloween Season.

Top Pick for the 2018 Halloween Season: 13th Hour Rising Haunted Hayride - Fulton, NY

Located in Fulton, 13th Hour Rising Haunted Hayride takes the number one spot for the 2018 Halloween Season. The attraction sends thrill seekers on a terrifying journey that through a completely immersive haunt that is sure to put all phobias and insecurities to the test. Visitors (or shall we say victims?) will meet their demise in the all new Demonic Chamber as a malevolent infestation takes over the air surrounding them. Those brave enough to take on the scares will also witness Holy Unrest, Chaos and Carange in this "mental mind twist" of an attraction. Don't miss out on all new scenes and scares for the 2019 Halloween Season!

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While these haunts may not have snagged our #1 Spot for the 2018 Halloween Season, the race was tight, and all of our Top Haunts for this year are worth visiting this season if you can!


Darkness Rising - Copiague, NY

Darkness Rising in Copiague is a not-for-profit haunted attraction that will send haunt goers on a spine-tingling journey where they'll meet a ton of creepy characters and mad monsters along the way. With an all new theme and location for the 2019 Halloween Season, thrill seekers don't want to miss out on the frightening fun that's in store! 

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Bayville Scream Park - Bayville, NY
Each year, Bayville Adventure Park transforms into a Halloween lover's paradise as they bring "Bayille Scream Park" to life. Those visiting can experience a number of horrifying haunted attractions, including Bloodworth Haunted Mansion, Temple of Terror, Evil in the Woods, The Cage, Bayville Haunted Asylum and Uncle Needle's Funhouse of Fear in 3D! 

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Chamber of Horrors - Hauppauge, NY
Hauppauge's Chamber of Horrors features three haunted attractions, a horror stage show, intense lighting and sound, and over 40 scare actors who are just dying to meet their latest victims! Be sure to bring only your bravest friends along for the haunting journey, as this attraction isn't for the faint of heart. Don't miss out on what's in store for 2019!

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The Haunt at Rocky Ledge - North White Plains, NY
Located in Westchester County, The Haunt at Rocky Ledge combines the outside elements with the indoors, with tons of fright throughout. The attraction features two terrifying haunted houses, a long walk through the eerie woods, and a haunted cornfield that visitors are sure to get lost in. You never know who or what you'll come face to face with while journeying through Rocky Ledge, find out this Halloween Season!

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Forest O'Fears Haunted Attraction - Ossining, NY
At Ossining's Forest O'Fears Haunted Attraction, thrill seekers will take on several haunts at one scary-good location. From the trek through the dark woods, to the journey through the haunted house, to "meating" the neighborhood Butcher and going crazy inside The Confusion Room, visitors won't be disappointed! It's the perfect way to satisfy that appetite for fright that haunt goers have been hungry for all year long.

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Fright Village Haunted Attraction - Avon, NY
Located in Avon, Fright Village Haunted Attraction offers three hair-raising haunts for visitors to enjoy. There's the Phryte Manor, the Phryte Doll Company Factory Tour and Sunnydale Hospital Phryte Wing. All three attractions stir up tons of scares and will have those brave enough to take on each one screaming for a way out!

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Cayo Industrial Horror Realm - Utica, NY
At Cayo Industrial Horror Realm in Utica, haunt lovers can experience a number of attractions including Biotech, Biowar, Revelation, Archana Asylum and the Atrophy Escape Ward. Those who feel they can take on the Escape Ward will be immersed into a full eight room escape facility that is located inside the Archana Asylum, where they will be trapped inside a patient and surgeon's mind. Will you be able to stay calm under pressure? There's only one way to find out!

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Rolling Hills Asylum - East Bethany, NY
Located in a believed-to-be truly haunted asylum, Rolling Hills features a theatrical-style haunted attraction that may even feature some real-life ghosts! Haunted North America rated the spot as the #1 Most Haunted Asylum in the country and it is a paranormal hotspot for enthusiasts. It is known for its Shadow People, disembodied voices, EVP's, doors that slam on their own and the infamous "Screaming Lady." Rolling Hills Asylum will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, or that may just be the ghosts that are nearby as you make your way through!

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