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The Halloween Season here in Arizona is jam packed with tons of scares. From Haunted Houses and Spook Walks, to Zombie Hunts & Shootouts, Haunted Corn Mazes and Hayrides, there are endless options to choose from during the Haunting Season, no matter where in The Grand Canyon State you reside. With an enormous amount of haunted attractions, it's not always an easy task to choose which ones you and your bravest friends will take on.

To make things a bit easier for Arizona haunt goers, Haunts.com has created a list of Must See Haunted Attractions throughout the state. These attractions have received a number of great reviews from customers who experienced the heart pounding fun for themselves, along with outstanding ratings for the 2017 Halloween Season. Check out the list below and start preparing for your 2018 haunting journey! 

Top Pick for the 2017 Halloween Season: Sanctum of Horror - Mesa, AZ

For over 7 years, Sanctum of Horror in Mesa has been giving locals the terror they're in search of during the Halloween Season. Enter this haunted attraction and be immersed into the twisted mind of Lenore, and relive her violent past. Visitors will journey through her childhood home and witness the brutal murders of her family members. As you make your way through the haunt, you'll come across an eerie graveyard and then on to the St. Charlotte Asylum, which is infested with the most demented patients. The only way out is to go through Lenore's cell... will you be able to escape the Sanctum of Horror?

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While the below haunted attractions may not have been dubbed #1 for the 2017 Halloween Season, the race was tight, and all of our Top Haunts for 2018 are worth visiting this season if you can brave them all!


Haunted Jail at Globe - Globe, AZ

This Halloween Season, explore the historic Gila County Jail & Sheriff's Office that dates all the way back to 1910. Rumor has it that the place has had some eerie occurrences, making many believe the place is haunted. There have been cold spots, voices, footsteps and voices heard, along with the sight of orbs and full bodied apparitions. Do you have what it takes to enter the Haunted Jail to find out for yourself if the spot is truly haunted or not? 

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Golfland Fright Nights - The Gauntlet Haunted House - Mesa, AZ
The Gauntlet Haunted House in Mesa takes place during Golfland Fright Nights, offering thrill seekers a fun and entertaining way to celebrate the spooky season. The attraction features a terrifying maze that is full of twists and turns, and mad monsters around each corner. Then there's the multi-level haunted house that is filled with a ton of creepy characters, animatronics and special effects. Don't miss out on the scares this year!

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13th Floor Haunted House - Phoenix, AZ

The 13th Floor doesn't exist in most buildings, but here, it is filled with spine-tingling terror! Featuring two great haunted houses at one scary-good location, this haunt spans over 60,000 square feet - more than enough space to make your heart race! In 2017, 13th Floor premiered two new attraction themes, including Ancient Evil and Zombie Land: Biohazard. Get prepared for the scares in store this Halloween Season!

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The Crypt Haunted Attractions - Mesa, AZ 
The Crypt Haunted Attractions in Mesa offers some jam packed entertainment during the Halloween Season. Take on three unique haunts at one location, including The Crypt, Asylum and Chaos. For the 2017 season, all new scares were presented for locals to enjoy, including the NIGHTMARE Edition - "Nightmares Become Reality." You never know what fresh and frightening fun awaits this year! 

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Nightfall at Old Tucson - Tucson, AZ

A ton of scares await at Nightfall at Old Tucson! Thrill seekers can take on an array of entertainment, including three haunted walk-throughs, live musical and comedy shows, a stunt show, rides and attractions, a family circus, haunted hayrides, delicious food and drinks and more! 

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Fear Farm - Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix's Fear Farm isn't for the faint of heart. Featuring five haunted attractions, the scares don't stop coming. Visitors can brave Slaughterhouse, Undead, The Bunker, Mouth of Madness, and Legends: Goatman! Will you be able to handle all the horror? Or will you chicken out before completing all five?! There's only one way to find out!

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AZ Field of Screams - Glendale, AZ

At AZ Field of Screams, there's a spooky cornfield that was planted atop an old cemetery, and local legend says it's a hot spot for the living dead. As you make your way through the dark cornfield, prepare yourself for the terrifying twists and turns, and know that those who lurk around each corner are hungry for their latest visitors... or shall we say victims? 

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Yuma Nightmares Haunted House - Yuma, AZ
Yuma Nightmares Haunted House is a not-for-profit attraction that puts on a scary-good show for locals each year. All proceeds from the haunt go to Habitat for Humanity... what better way to enjoy some scares during the Halloween Season than to support a great cause at the same time?! Be sure to invite your bravest friends and take on the heart-pounding fun together!

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Old Bisbee Ghost Tour - Bisbee, AZ

Visitors will enjoy a guided tour with a "Ghost Host," who will lead them on an adventure through Old Bisbee's streets, stairways and old alleys. This after dark journey will teach locals about the ghosts that haunt this hundred thirty five-year-old town. Visit the haunts of Julia, a Lady of the Evening, who enjoys the company of married men staying in her room, Nat the miner who owed money to the Money Man and paid for it with his life, and the Lady in White who saved the lives of three children.

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Haunts - 4 - Hunger Haunted House - Sahuarita, AZ
Boasting over 3,000 square feet of outdoor scares, and another 2,100 square feet indoors, Haunts - 4 - Hunger gives haunt goers the scares they've been hungry for all year long... and all for a wonderful cause! All proceeds benefit Vail Resources Food Bank.

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