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With dozen of haunts calling Michigan home, it's hard to pick just ten Haunted Attractions for our Top Michigan Haunts for the 2018 Halloween Season! For thrill seekers in Michigan, there's no shortage of scary-good fun, whether you're looking for big scares in Kalamazoo, thrills & chills in Pontiac, or frightening fun in Grand Rapids, the state of Michigan boasts more impressive Haunted Houses and Halloween Attractions than you'll be able to visit in just one season. To make things a bit easier, Haunts.com has put together our list of the Top 10 Haunted Attractions in Michigan for the 2018 Halloween Season, so that you know what haunts you won't want to miss out on this upcoming Halloween Season.

Top Pick for the 2018 Halloween Season: DarkSyde Acres Haunted Attractions - Jonesville, MI

Located in Jonesville, DarkSyde Acres Haunted House takes the number one spot for the 2018 Halloween Season. Featuring 70,000 square feet of pure terror, along with a 5,000 square foot indoor and interactive waiting area, thrill seekers don't want to miss out on what DarkSyde has been stirring up for this year. 

Thrill seekers will take on several haunted attractions, including The Catacombs, 3D KlowneTowne, The Abyss and The Labyrinth. Each attraction is unique and is sure to get your blood flowing so be sure to add DarkSyde Acres Haunted House to your haunting list for the upcoming Halloween Season - you won't be disappointed!

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While these haunts may not have snagged our #1 Spot for the 2018 Halloween Season, the race was tight, and all of our top attractions for this year are worth visiting this season if you can!

The Scream Machine Haunted Attraction - Taylor, MI
Located in the Taylor Town Strip Mall, The Scream Machine Haunted House is where you come face to face with your worst fears. This attractions brings your very worst phobias to life, playing games with your mind as you trek through the terror. On specific dates, the attraction also offers a lights-on, no scaring, trick-or-treating event through the haunted house for families to enjoy together!

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The Edson Incident - Bay City, MI
This unique haunted attraction takes place aboard the USS Edson in Bay City. Enter and climb your way through five horrifying levels of madness, as there has been a Military experiment that went completely wrong. Will you have what it takes to survive? Find out during the 2018 Halloween Season, where The Edson Incident will be debuting their family friendly maze! 

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Azra Chamber of Horrors Haunted House - Madison Heights, MI
Located in Madison Heights, Azra Chamber of Horrors Haunted House is a multi-level, maze-style attraction that is sure to mess with your mind! Enter at your own risk, as the dragon and his demons are lurking and awaiting their latest visitors, or shall we say victims? They are hungry... so make sure you can run fast or you may be their next meal!

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Hush Haunted Attraction - Westland, MI
Detroit's Hush Haunted Attraction is a unique venue that was expanded just a few years ago. Infested with a number of horrifying mutants, monsters, zombies and other creepy creatures throughout, Hush is sure to have your heart pounding and the hairs on the back of your neck sticking up! Be prepared as you make your way through, as you never know who you'll meet along the way! Grab some of your bravest friends and brave Hush this Halloween Season - that is, if you think you can handle the terror that awaits!

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Woods of Darkness - South Rockwood, MI

An old spooky house has been left abandoned by a farmer and his wife, and their evil spirits are known to reside in the home. Located deep in the dark woods, visitors will be dropped off at the front door of the Haunted House, which is filled with endless hallways and rooms that are designed to terrorize all those who enter! Will the hay wagon be there at the end of your journey to take you back to safety? 

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Shawhaven Haunted Farm - Mason, MI
Delivering scares to Mason locals for over 10 years now, Shawhaven Haunted Farm has over 140 acres of land to utilize to scare the wits out of visitors. The farm features a number of exciting haunted attractions, including Samara's Boarding House, Wagons of Fear, Dead Maze and The Last Ride. Then there's the non-haunted fun, like the Corn Maze and Chicken Wagon Ride! Visitors can also challenge themselves by trying out one of (or all three) of their escape rooms!

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Best Maze Corn Maze & Trail of Terrors - Williamston, MI
Best Maze Corn Maze offers a ton of Fall fun for families, but when the sun goes down, The Trail of Terrors comes to life! With horrifying scenes, including The Crypt, Cocoon, Whispers, Bad Dolls and more, the frightening fun is truly endless at this attraction. Do you and your friends have what it takes to handle the horror that awaits? Find out this Halloween Season!

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Zombie Paintball Truck Shoot - Whitmore Lake, MI
There has been a zombie plague and you're one of the only survivors! You'll have to make it your mission to take down hordes of the undead. How? Climb aboard the military style gun truck and start shooting away with glowing paintballs! Make sure you have good aim... you don't want any of these flesh-eating creatures getting away and wandering out into the world more than they have already!

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The Psycho Path - Flat Rock, MI
Flat Rock's Psycho Path Haunted Attraction is infested with mad monsters and creepy creatures of all kinds. You may not be able to spot them right away, but that just means they're hiding out awaiting their next visitors! This haunt will have you screaming and running for shelter... but there won't be any!


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Erebus Haunted Attraction - Pontiac, MI
Boasting 4 full stories of terror, Erebus Haunted Attraction in Pontiac has been serving up big scares since it opened its doors back in 2000. Known nationwide as being one of the longest walk-through haunted houses, Erebus should definitely be on any haunt lover's list to check out this season.

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Haunted Farm of Terror - Lenox, MI
Lenox's Haunted Farm of Terror offers 20 acres and features a number of terrifying attractions for visitors to brave. There's a Haunted Hayride, Haunted House, and Zombie Assault Live Zombie Shoot. In addition to the haunted attractions, the farm also plays horror movies on a 30 foot big screen around a bonfire! And after you've been scared to death, gain back some of your strength in the Road Kill Cafe.

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Bonadeo Farms Full Moon Manor & Field of Screams - Highland Township, MI
Thrill seekers can feed their appetite for fright this Halloween Season by taking on the Full Moon Manor Haunted House at Bonadeo Farms, along with their Field of Screams Haunted Corn Maze! The farm not only is set up for Halloween, but there's Fall time fun for those of all ages as well. On the weekends, families can enjoy Pumpkin Picking, Wagon Rides and a Corn Maze.

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Slaughterhouse Adventure & Grand River Corn Maze - Fowlerville, MI
At Slaughterhouse Adventure and Grand River Corn Maze, visitors can enjoy an array of scary good entertainment during the Halloween Season. Take on the Slaughterhouse of Bones, where you'll come face to face with the creepy creatures that reside within. Then brave the twists and turns of the Haunted Maze that will make you feel as though you're losing your mind! The scares don't end there... Blood Bath and Bones Hayride is sure to give you the ride of your life! Along with their haunted attractions, guests can try out Jigsaws Escape Room, too!

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Past Tense After Dark - Lapeer, MI
Past Tense After Dark in Lapeer gives thrill seekers three horrifying haunted attractions to explore. There's the heart-pounding House of Horrors - where your nightmares come to life, The Corn Maze of Fear - terrifying twists and turns with mad monsters throughout, and The Hayride of Despair, a simple ride through the countryside that turns into mayhem! Can you handle them all this Halloween Season? 

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